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Use of cookies on the Privatbanka, a. s. website

In order to improve our services to you, both our website and our Internet Banking application use cookies.

In accordance with § 55, subsection 5 of Electronic Communications Act No. 351/2001 Coll., as amended, we hereby inform you of such use thereof and of the possibility of a change in the configuration of your browser in the case that the current use of such cookies is inappropriate for you. Therefore, we will consider your current website settings as your acceptance with the use of cookies to the extent specified.

Privatbanka, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “Privatbanka” only) reserves the right to change the use of cookies. In the case of any such change, Privatbanka will subsequently update its Cookies Policy and the change will become effective immediately upon your further use of our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile phone that you use to browse a website. Their purpose is to allow the website you visit to recognize your terminal device or to assist and allow you to effectively use the website, its features, and configuration. Cookies are “passive” files; they contain no further software applications launched in the device you use to access the Internet (computer or a mobile device).

How does the Privatbanka website use cookies?

Privatbanka uses cookies to provide maximum user comfort and the most effective use of its website. Cookies enable us to remember and retain your preferences when browsing our website, such as the language version, font size and other display settings, use of our interactive services, pre-filling of forms, financial calculators, logging into the Internet Banking application, and so on. Cookies also enable us to display content on our website that we deem interesting for you. For example, customized information about our products, and more.

We also use cookies for analytical purposes and to evaluate statistical data on the use of our interactive services, the visitor rate for each section of our website, and connection numbers and speeds along with the type of computer used (e.g. browser type and configuration, operating system, and more). This data helps us to improve the online services we provide.

If our website uses cookies for personal data processing, which may be assigned to a specific user (or client), the rules defined in the laws currently in force regarding personal data protection and privacy protection will apply.

Privatbanka does not use cookies to provide your personal data to third parties.

Why permit the use of cookies?

Use of cookies and permission to use cookies in your Internet browser depends on your own free will. If your configuration is modified, some web pages may be functionally limited or bring user discomfort.

How to change your configuration or turn cookies off

Every Internet browser allows you to turn cookies off. For more information about where to find the features for the configuration of cookies in your browser, please visit the website of your Internet browser developer, or go to www.aboutcookies.org.

List of cookies used on the Privatbanka website

Application: CMS Privatbanka
Use of cookies: Identifies each unique visitor session (page visit) using a randomly generated code
Used for domain: privatbanka.sk
Period/time of use After leaving the page (session end)
Standard value: 8a9o75dfklgbh82e03onreg992
3rd party: No



Application: CMS Privatbanka
Use of cookies: Remembering the user’s consent with use of cookies
Name: userAgreeWithCookies
Used for domain: privatbanka.sk
Period/time of use 5 years
Standard value: 0 or 1
3rd party: No



Application: Google Analytics
Use of cookies: Statistical data registered and used for the production of anonymized reports on the use of our website
Name: _ga
Used for domain: privatbanka.sk
Period/time of use 2 years
Standard value: GA 1.2.123456789.12345
3rd party: No
Application: Luigi's Box
Use of cookies: Adjustment, customization of some parts of the website, banner space, form buttons, language version
Name: _lb
Used for domain: privatbanka.sk
Period/time of use 5 years
Standard value: 61824055830401740003
3rd party: No